Tony Vegas is a study in what makes a true musician - a person who can take circumstances that would cause others to make excuses and does nothing but succeed. Tony Vegas was born in Cuba, and learned to play guitar from Merejo Martinez, a legend in Cuban music. His grandfather owned a radio station that featured live performances, so he was surrounded with music and musicians from an early age. He witnessed the Cuban Revolution and the Bay of Pigs invasion. He left with his family in April 1962 to escape the incoming Marxist-Leninist system, and has managed to make an entirely new life in the United States, which is now his adopted home. Tony Vegas is also a successful businessman, and owns his own award winning realty company in Panama City Florida, where he has lived since 1992. In addition to music and business, Tony is also a black belt in Okinawan Karate and has no plans to slow down.

Tony Vegas has produced four albums: 1-Nawlins Renaissance; 2-Cajun Ladies; 3-Rockin the Blues; and 4-Blues Rocker. Tony's 5th CD, named "Cuban Ladies and Other Problems" should be available by Fall 2013. You are listening to Katherina (from Tony's upcoming album).

Tony's "Blues Rocker" style is all his own, drawing from many influences like Freddy King, Eric Clapton, George Thorogood and others, which allows him to do fantastic versions of everyone from Elvis Presley to Aretha Franklin, and from Santana to the Beatles to Sam Cooke without missing a beat! A typical Tony Vegas night club performance features songs from his CDs as well as the music of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Cream, Traffic and other rock standards all done in the Tony Vegas style.

The Tony Vegas Group is a Guitar "Power Trio" reminiscent of other powerful guitar bands. The current lineup features Pierre (The Doctor) Robinson on bass guitar and vocals bringing forth very solid and powerful basslines. On drums we have Charles (Payday) Pagano, who has enough rhythm for three bands! The Tony Vegas Group's spontaneous eruptions of fabulous musical flavors take audiences to places seldom visited.
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